Digital anti-love

Trapped in a hole, where it is better.
Trapped in a hole, where a small face in a small circle
has replaced a deep letter.

Such a soul touching process.
A few clicks, farewell mess.

Even the darkest distance.
Replaced by a kind chance.

Boring conversations in a classroom.
Silent nights where an adventure is represented by the moon.

Smiling gorgeous statue.
Guys, standing in a cold queue.

Only one touch on a screen.
Made my life more beautiful during times when I was a teen.

Shallow words, admired by others.
A virtual podium filled by hundreds of brothers.

Girls, receiving a red pixel heart.
Not a bad start.

A cold feeling, there – I am something.
Even when here, I have nothing.

Monika from a village, Marek from a city.
Together one strong community.

Then, blackout.
Voluntary isolation like a cosmonaut.

Pressing the button – log out.
Listening to the call – get out.

Days and long weeks.
No greetings coming from friends or geeks.

Months, years.
Silence, silence, symbiosis with caves settled by bears.


Back then, loving ones, strangers, everyone wishing a happy birthday.
Now, loving ones have become strangers, nobody sharing my darkest day.

Alone, surrounded by statues stuck in a device.
In a digital world, where everything seems nice.

An orange sunset.
An adorable dog called Seth.

Fresh grandparents.
A fountain carrying 99 cents.

Out of their focus.
Same as the desire to travel by bus.

The lowest moments forced me to try it again.
Maybe a way to remove an untouchable pain.

This time, an unknown world.
Everyone acting under a coat of a fancy lord.

Bright cars. Weird sneakers. Fat lips.
Exotic, ocean trips.

More disconnected.
Hardly connected.

Everybody revealing only the most beautiful moments.
Lasting shorter than farts in cotton tents.

Sparks caused by temporary smiling.
But hidden tears, eternally failing.

A breath-taking view, airplane.
But secret mud, thick rain.

I tried it, again.
It added another layer of pain.

A perfect photo capturing a perfect being.
Utterly depressing.

Eyes, seeing prosperity.
The heart feeling nudity.

It used to encourage us.
These days, it all separates us.

No more interested in being there.
Where everyone wants to share, but no one gives a care.

Evidently chasing a number.
Making them dumber.

Walking here alone, no audience.
No attention, like a scared patient in an ambulance.

Only silent struggling.
Only silent celebrating.

Far from blind comparing.
Far from local gossiping.

My own version of investing.
Time will show, if it was the best thing.