Everybody needs a hero

Spilt milk on the floor.
Loud sounds, leave through this door!

Bad marks at school.
Mature hands, a painful tool.

Blind attempts, behaving like a rebel.
Closed curtains until September.

All the famous verses in the Bible.
Forgotten in the fight for the title.

Hard to be a spontaneous child under a roof of adults.
When independent moves paint painful results.

Encouraged, rewarded, or admired.
Barely able to spell that.

Close statues in photographs.
Hard rocks blocking breathing paths.

Gray teacher behind the table.
Dear boy, you are not able.

Adventure behind a rusty stair, ticket, bus driver.
Then robbed of oxygen, a dying diver.

Why the fairy tales.
If not fat sales.

What pride, making the small even smaller.
How unfair to be dumb and taller.

Burning dreams of a deep, untouched soul.
Hurting shards that used to form a crystal bowl.

Sun, resistance.
Shadows, ignorance.

Crippled by feet, dancing on the nearest floor.
Surrounded by names, hung on a warm concrete wall.

A holy line liberated from snake talk.
The sky, where a butterfly caught in a spider’s web, suddenly feels like
an all-powerful hawk.

Presence has a different sense.
When the applause does not come from a loving audience.

Simple words.
Cutting eyes like sharp steel swords.

Disappointed wrinkles.
More poisonous than tabloid articles.

Occasional family circle.
Occasional arrogant Michael.

Occasionally depressed Mondays.
Occasionally in rainy Sundays.

Bolder number nothing changed.
Dumb, tall nation cannot be changed.

Me, up, a wild shallow river.
Waterfalls, fishers, the message should not be delivered.

They did not expect a gorgeous rainbow.
Clarity of colours towards grow.

Heart touching voices.
Supporting own choices.

Do not let others ruin your dreams.
Even if it means losing your closest peers.

Unknown, not breathing, unsteady.
Occasionally, they lighten a cold candle harder than a church Edy.

Nobody can be at the bottom like a zero.
When existence is guided by a hero.

Philosophers, pianists, teachers, coaches.
A second family, wanting from us more than less.

I waited too long for a helping hand.
Therefore, I live in a imaginary land.