Happiness in the rain

A cold sharp wind arriving without any notice, in a time,
when the mood, day, everything is kind.

Fat sheep walking on the other side of the land, liberating wild rain,
in a time, when the mind forgets, how it was to live in a body,
where every moment means pain.

Blue, red, two lights flashing together guaranteeing delay.
In a time when desire finally calls in the right way.

Standing firmly, without movement, but still an ambitious human.
In a time when a non-confident lost shadow should have become a loyal man.

Winter, spring, summer, autumn, whatever season.
Eyes, ears, generously nourished by reasons.

Morning or the night,
they lived uncovering a map determined
to cheer for a bloody fight.

Loving or unknown boys,
silent singing of tones,
endlessly ignoring poisonous noise.

Younger, older.
Nothing has changed, still connected with a harmony disrupting folder.

Dear tree, imposing tree, stroke me with your sticky stick.
The back is crying, throw away the non-empathic brick.

Lying, surrounded by the ocean, pure paradise….
Mmm, acid sunrise.

Spontaneous obstacles.
Invisible obstacles.

Unwanted particles.
Mostly untouched particles.


Day by day.
Clay by clay.

Inevitable circumstances.
Voluntarily composed negative sentences.

It took years.

Then, a serious voice.
Uncovering a lesson, there’s a choice.

Blame others.
Blame brothers.

Or, or
accept revenge.
Accept challenge.

Life is made from various smells.
Moments are made from various bells.

Outside of your power.
Controlled from an untouchable tower.

Somebody sees ugly, falling balls.
Somebody else sees valuable, freshly falling keys opening magical doors.

Be loud or
be proud.

Scream like a mouldy oak,
it will cause you a stroke.

Smile, like wild bees,
engrave your eternal memories.

Thank you, guys.
For this advice.

Fixed reaction.
Warming satisfaction.

Proudly walking my life’s path.
Always welcoming by a heart-warming bath.

Proudly counting golden stars.
Ever supporting, growing scars.

Proudly standing like a flag raised above the ground.
Holding the freedom I found.

Invisible to eyes.
Widely available like spontaneous spice.

There is possibility
to take responsibility.

A fair attitude,
graced by gratitude.