Harry Potter Fan

The past blinded by scepticism.
Present steps supplemented by enthusiasm.

I considered it for just another expensive feed.
Target group – spoiled kid.

Until I gave it the first chance.
Since then the view filtered through a different lens.

A sincere appreciation of a masterful work of art.
Each piece of artwork influences the condition of my young heart.

Eyes soaked with tears.
Dry skin on the cheeks moistened with tears.
A being affected by deep emotions.

Whipped by emotional waves like the ocean.
Joy smashed into a thousand pieces like a cold ocean.

Their characters.
Rich as Ernest Hemingway’s chapters.

Their bravery.
Marked with painful blood like New York slavery.

Despite all those remarkable signs.
One beauty pushing my own sadness beyond the usual lines.

Their strong unbreakable friendship.

Since the first meeting in the old iron train.
Until the darkness in the sky caused by a poisoned vein.

Something like a triple brotherhood.
That bond would overwhelm even the warmest motherhood.

They grew up together.
They learned together.
They fought together.
They searched for themselves together.
They cried together.
They laughed together.

One pure soul.
Connected to another pure soul.

Burn me!
If that’s what I have to pay to have that journey.

Is such a journey only possible behind a studio camera?
Or are my priorities devastating this era?

The road to the top is lonely.
Their road to the top was not lonely.

The pursuit of being my own boss.
Claustrophobic as dental floss.

Working on the highest vision.
No accompaniment because of juicy television.
Stiff fingers typing this form of self-expression.
No spectators, just crowds celebrating despite the present recession.

The need for conversation due to invisible self doubt.
No one around, all walking towards the out.

On the football, basketball pitch.
With a towel in hands across the sunny beach.
A one-way analysis of repeated fails.
With no unbiased feedback due to late night cocktails.

I feel like a floating ship on a mission.
Where the former crew has no interest in betting their own portion of commision.

On her winning trajectory.
On her abnormal story.

Doomed to a long, difficult, silence-filled existence.
The only reason not to give up – learned, disciplined persistence.

Do I have to be at the absolute highest peak?
In order to be joined by even the lowest geek?

It would be soul-nourishing to have someone who care.
Someone who share.
The same life, moral compass.
Powered by the same gas.