Money Laundromat

The privilege of being born into the promised land.
The privilege of being surrounded by a humble but prosperous band.

Thank God for your selection.
Thank you angels for your perfection.

To live under a roof with a regular income.
Feelings like when a musician gets the right to use the best drum.

The ability to compose his own melodies.
Describing colorful stories.

A minimum amount of worries.
Whether it lifts him to the top or brings him to his cold knees.

Calm Snooze.
Comfortable shoes.

Definitely not a luxurious childhood.
Definitely a nice childhood.

Loud crying, ask!
A hidden signal created an urgent task.

The result, the effort to fulfill my desire.
Burning like red fire.

Occasionally a success.
sometimes a mess.

At age 15, the realization if I want more.
Hard work must overcome a lazy core.

Hence the summer slaving for others.
As motivation, defeating my own brothers.

Driven in all weather.
I’d do anything to look better.

A voluntary taste of exhaustion, a youthful bottom.
In exchange for attractive cotton.

Unfortunately, that ridiculous minimum wage.
Couldn’t make me rich at such a young age.

Wishing to be enormously rich.
to be desired by anonymous bitch.

To park a luxury car in the garage.
Spend winters in a nobl cottage.

Time measured by a work of art called the Rolex
With a golden ticket to wild sex.

Inescapable fact.
Having it would mean the highest level of respect.

Heartbreaking attention.
At a party held at an expensive mansion.

Work replaced by research.
How to become a rich birch.

Surprisingly, the biggest sharks in the nation.
They didn’t trade time for a paycheck coming from a massive corporation.

They owned that corporation.
They let sheep die for that corporation.

What a smart decision.
It also became my mission.

To build my own company.
Generating a steady stream of money.

First step, books from well-known experts.
Flying over the valley , higher than cute birds.

Fast money.
Easy money.

Dirty work abroad.
Will bring the missing capital, I thought.

Wrong opinion.
Tears flowed down even without slicing fresh onion.

Forced to break a book rule.
In the mirror the reflection of an ambitious fool.

Sweaty, from morning till the evening.
Once a month, liberating breathing.

A steady paycheck, opened the door to a loan.
A vow of success carved with a knife into the hardest bone.

Literally, I sacrificed everything.
For one life-changing thing…

Linkedin profile complemented by the position of CEO.
I answer my boss’s questions – No!

Goodbye minimum wage.
Forbes magazine, fancy stage.

Savings, plus borrowed cash.
Disappearing more gracefully than a spontaneous flash.

Days, weeks, months.
Little progress, imitating poisonous ants.

They promised it will be easy.
Not perpetually in tension and busy.

Right next to chest madness.

I sacrificed everything.
For nothing.

A hard failure.
In the closet a nobl suit, tailored by a skilled tailor.

I stayed in the darkness.
My soul calling S.O.S.

The greatest crime.
It didn’t happen one time.

Undergoing endless rounds of interviews.
Where the guy wasn’t fully introduced.

A hidden plan, to become a millionaire.
Outside an office festooned with a cheap chair.

Tested theories.
Tasted stories.

Unbending belief.
Prevented soft relief.

It cost time, youth, coin, to find out anything fast.
Meant a ticking blast.

No recipe to victory.
No ladder to glory.
No wisdom in allegory.
Vannot cross the finish line faster than a fully loaded lorry.

Everything rare, behaves like red, white wine.
It takes time to taste fine.

Nothing valuable, eternal appears overnight.
It requires hundreds, thousands of training sessions,
and then finally the expected win during the ordinary fight.

Pride, because foolish hasty living in the short term.
Changed to patient walking in the long term.

A mighty confrontations.
Awakened a healthy patience.

In the past, probably an immediate tendency.
Throw everything into the hot cryptocurrency.

Or start a new business mentioned in Wall Street jorunal.
Visualization of public speaking in the middle of Carnegies hall.

Or thoughtless buying of discounted apple stocks.
For the pennies saved, ordering fun socks.

Or a layoff announced at the best possible moment.
High expectations, this is the real end.

So great nuggets.
To experience what it’s like to have empty pockets.

Lessons, what matters most.
And what is fleeting as a grey ghost.

Definitely not a wool sweater branded with an expensive logos.
Definitely not a flashy restaurant serving overpriced tacos.

Definitely not German cars.
Definitely not the enviable lifestyle of a Hollywood stars.

I ask myself why?
I should be that guy…

Sharing outdoor supplements.
Following temporary trends.

I want to be the guy helping to rediscover a buried gem.
Day by day, from 2 p.m. to 13 a.m.

I’d rather be the guy sacrificing the beautiful gold chain.
For the smile that comes from curing the devil rooted in a challenging brain.

I’d rather be unmarked, but good.
Rather than be labeled and rude.

Still, I’m working towards financial freedom.
But I have changed my values, my attitude, my feelings about where I come from.

Thinking about the future, 10, 15, 20 years.
Meanwhile now, hands are planting a seed called the life beans.