I’m so weak,

I told myself, it’ll just be 1 week,

Look at yourself now,

How could you let this happen, tell me how?


As a child, dreaming of all the shine out there,

As an adult, closed in the silent darkness, here inside,

Four walls, cold like my feels,

The nights are wet, thanks to my falling tears,

Where has the desire to fly left?

Where has the courage to fly left?

What if I die tomorrow?

What if I lose the chance to build my own team?


A look behind my back,

I wish to have it all back,

If I was 18 again, right now,

The body, soul, they would know how,


Thank you mother, thank you father, I’m an adult, it is time,

Don’t be afraid, everything will be fine,

A new home, new friends, a new country,

I believe I’ll learn how to deal with the dirty laundry,

I’ll soon return back,

Delicious food, cold beer,

Rich conversations,

The interest about our situation,


Son, we are proud of you,

Dearest mother, dearest father, all of this I did for you,

Seven years later, life should be different,

Seven years, I am stuck,

I hate myself, Fuck!


Still sharing the same floor with my parents,

I feel alone, I lost all of my friends,

Cars, children, wives, inheritance, growth, progress, all around me,

Oh God, is there somewhere a future for me?