Uniform with a hole on the back

Maybe, because born naughty.
I was so snotty.

Maybe due to the smallest insecurities.
I looked for open possibilities.

How to change the view.
Putting me into a different queue.

Parents, providing the best cotton.
I, too wild to realize, there’s the peak and there the bottom.

It was hard for them, to maintain a balance in the wallet.
And I did not apply importance to the shape of collet.

Big, dirty, inherited after an older brother.
Carrying funny words and pink thunder.

I wore anything.
With a broken zip and ugly stitching.

Until, you become a part of this society.
They announced politely.

That, a clear beginning of separation.
Where everybody saw if your father is the owner or
cleaner of a gas station.

A perfect cut, bright colours.
Mmm, the opposite of lack of dollars.

Hard to accept the truth.
When shame becomes a presence of your foot.

Centuries away from graduation.
The desire to change the dull situation.

Fortunately, able.
Rolling up sleeves, picking vegetable.

Voluntarily sacrificing free time.
Bubbling knowledge, everything will be fine.

I hold morning prayers.
Eyes kissing the touch of fancy layers.

Or missing self-esteem?

In any case, earned coin.
Providing the chance to gain the warming opinion.

A thick brown polo-shirt labelled with a green moose.
Unspoken compliments, sweeter than orange juice.

Shiny trainers, protected by three powerful stripes.
Fascinated females, ready to use intimate wipes.

MMM. I will never forget how I felt.
Like a champion, raising a golden belt.

True belief, fancy brands.
A path how to impress unmet friends.

An incorrect belief lasting the longest year.
Despite of the fact, I did not drink a single bottle of beer.

Mmm. Changed values.
No longer interested in gilted abuse.

Maybe thanks to the best clothed people.
Acting worse than an annoying beetle.

Possessed by visible exterior.
Replaced with the natural curiosity to reveal an
underrated interior.

Hidden stories.
Influencing the expression of worries.

The deepest root.
Intuitively refusing an Italian suit.

Happy to explore the spiderweb forgotten corners.
Often inaccessible to their owners.

That is beauty.
True beauty.

A soul pulsating under the skin.
Not a cloth waving above the skin.

A shape or number on a body.
Does not determine if I am somebody or nobody.

A shape or number on a chest.
Does not determine if I am the worst or best.

A good, generous heart.
The most attractive and valuable art.

To see it requires to close the eyes.
The reason why I do not live through my green eyes.

The loss of opportunity to share glossy photos.
Soaked by extravagant logos.

The loss of opportunity to lose invisible money.
For junk consuming more than forest honey.

I am proud, I do not belong to those lying to their own reflection.
Under the pressure of perfection.

Proudly, ignoring the loud task.
To create a non-authentic mask.

Comprised of expensive clothes.
Burying humaneness stolen of wise thoughts.

A simple, humble closet.
And yet the ability to feed a lonely sole drowning in debt.

There is no reason to follow trends.
There is no reason to impress unknown friends.

What matters is behaving to others.
As if they were our younger brothers.